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We have assisted over 1,500 professionals with their careers and CV's since April 2000, and these are a selection of some of the feedback from our clients over a 9 month period in 2009:

Financial & Commercial Manager - Oct 2009

Hi - just to let you know that I started work on 1 September as Financial and Commercial Manager for a company in x.

Thank you for the support and assistance you gave me particularly with the improvements made to my CV.

Project Manager - Oct 2009 I now have a CV which truly reflects what I've done and the necessary skills pertinent to the jobs I am seeking.
Team Leader/Account Manager - June 2009 You encouraged me to look at doing something different in my career, which I have done and it's paying off - Thank you. You made me feel valued and strong enough to go out there and do something about it (redundancy) rather than mope and feel sorry for myself. "never be afraid of change".
Senior Manager - July 2009 The advice provided was very useful as it was personal and tailored to my previous qualifications, work experience and career prospects. Overall I was very happy with the way the review was conducted and the possibility to follow up on the advice given.
Housing Manager - June 2009 Utilising this service opened up my eyes to consider my options and career changes that I had not previously looked at. Invaluable advice on CV also.
Manager - Oct 2009 I was very impressed with the first class service I received. It brought my CV to life.
Sales Executive - Oct 2009 Thank you for your honest opinion on my business needs and how to plan my career effectively.
Operations Analyst - Oct 2009 Excellent service received.
Product Development Manager - Oct 2009 The CV information has made a lot of improvement and advice given has been very useful. It's great to speak to someone rather than getting pointed to a website.
HR & Training Officer - Oct 2009 Being a HR professional I was not sure whether (the CV) service would be of much use to me. But I found having a review of my CV to be very useful.
Teacher - Aug 2009 I thought the consultant was very helpful, and knowledgeable on many aspects of teaching, jobs and general presentation of CV information. He also gave me useful tips on preparation for interviews as well.
Accountant - May 2009 Excellent service that was informed and capable with real insight.
Sales Manager - June 2009 Overall help was brilliant, especially the CV screening.
Engineer - April 2009 Most useful to chat with a professional who could understand my situation.
Resource Manager - April 2009 Service offered was outstanding. A thoroughly professional service that gave me precisely the information & help that I required. Reassuring to know that great advice is available to those in my position. Many thanks!
Teacher - Feb 2009 I specifically asked for help with my CV - the advice was comprehensive, coherent and excellent. The written report is invaluable. The consultant was a very fluent and incisive communicator which gave me great confidence in the advice he was giving. I was very pleased.
Museum Professional - Feb 2009 The consultant was very organised and efficient as well as sympathetic. He was more aware of my rather esoteric sector than I had expected.
Architect - Feb 2009 My CV needed to be updated and the interview techniques discussed were very useful indeed.
Technical Manager - Feb 2009 The discussion with the consultant was very useful.


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