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JB Fagan CV & Careers Services

About Us

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Established in 2000, JB Fagan CV & Careers Services have assisted over 5,000 professionals to date with careers advice, CV preparation, jobsearch techniques, changing careers, interview practice and guidance.  

We regularly see clients in London throughout the year, and also offer telephone and online services for CV Preparation and Review. For details of our services, please follow this link.

Jonathan Fagan LLM MREC Cert RP is a qualified solicitor & recruitment consultant and Managing Director of Limited. Since April 2000 he has personally assisted over 5,000 professionals with career plans & strategies, CVs, interviews, relocation and general careers advice. He is the author of The Guide to Writing a Legal CV and the Interview Guide for Lawyers as well as the author of, a collection of advice and articles on the recruitment of lawyers.

He has coached professionals in just about every occupation and profession in the UK and overseas, and lectures on CV preparation & interview practice at postgraduate level in the UK. Since founding Ten-Percent in 2000, he has taken a personal interest in career guidance for professionals.

You can find out about Limited by clicking here. You can also read our JB Fagan Blog here

Let us help you

Advice on careers, CVs and interviews is very subjective, and really depends on the consultant or employer you are talking to. We get straight to the point to help you, and provide practical and concise advice to drive you forward. Details of our four Career Services can be found below..

Face to face career coaching can include any aspect of careers advice you require assistance with.

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